Topographic Surveys

Using the latest equipment we produce true to scale plans of natural and man-made features with position and height information.

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2D or 3D

The purpose of a topographic survey is to gather survey data about the natural and man-made features of the land, as well as level information. This can be of any plot of land from your back garden to a multi-hectare development, rural or urban. From this information a 2D or 3D plan is prepared.

The level of detail shown depends on your requirements and the end use of the plans. For example the level of detail required for land registry plans is not the same required for an urban refurbishment project. If you are unsure please either download our standard specification or contact us to discuss your requirements. Regardless of the amount of detail the plans will be an accurate record of the features shown.

Survey control on site is usually established by GNSS (GPS). The grid is usually related to Ordnance Survey national Grid. Levels are usually related to Ordnance Survey Newlyn Datum. The use of Ordnance Survey Newlyn datum makes it easier for levels on the survey to be related to levels provided by others such as statutory authorities and the Environment Agency – particularly useful if flooding may be an issue. Alternatively you may specify your own grid & level datum.

The equipment used will always meet the accuracy requirements of the project. In wide open areas GNSS Network RTK may be sufficient but in built up areas a total station will be used with reflectorless measurements to collect inaccessible points. A digital level will be used if high precision levels are required.


The end product

All site data is stored electronically and transmitted to the office where it is processed using both proprietary and bespoke software packages into an AutoCAD drawing ready for enhancements.

The end product is usually a 2D AutoCAD DWG or DXF file but with 3D level information that can be used for ground modelling, we can produce 3D surface models in a variety of formats including MX and Revit. Other formats are possible – please inquire.

Drawings and other deliverables must pass QC checks including a full check of content versus specification by a senior surveyor not involved with the project.

All final data is stored indefinitely and will be available to the client for download from our FTP site at any future date.