GNSS (GPS) Surveys

GNSS control networks tied to Ordnance Survey GNSS Network, fast accurate RTK surveying. GNSS levels for flood risk assessment.

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Using sophisticated survey grade GNSS equipment and utilising a network of fixed, active GNSS stations owned by the Ordnance Survey, we obtain the position of a fixed point with an accuracy of up to 10mm, an ideal tool for the provision of survey control to national grid and to Ordnance height datum.

It’s also essential for levels on sites where the Environment Agency require a flood risk assessment. For more details on how GNSS works please go to our FAQs page.

We use GNSS to:

Collect static base station observations to provide a fully adjusted network solution for large scale mapping

Establish Environment Agency Control Stations (EACS), grades E1 to E6

Carry out real-time detailed surveys based either on OS National Grid or a local grid

Provide real-time corrections from our own static reference station via radio link to 1 or more roving GNSS surveyors